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Naluri Bestari was first established in 2005 and began to establish itself in Kota Damansara. In 2009, Naluri Bestari opened a branch in Pangsapuri Damai, Subang Bestari. Now, Naluri Bestari  has expand branches up to  9 kindergarten branches, 5  daycare nursery branches and 4 transit care. 


The line-up of Naluri Bestari teachers are experienced and among them are those who have a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from a recognized IPTA. These teachers are also given training from time to time through programs organized by the Ministry of Education Malaysia every year and also training organized by Naluri Bestari itself.


Naluri Bestari provides for preschool students for children aged 1-6 years. All programs and syllabus for kindergarten students (ages 4-6 years) are as set by the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE). For children aged 1-3 years (Taska Naluri Bestari), programs and syllabi based on the Permata Negara Module as prescribed by the Social Welfare Department (JKM).


Naluri Bestari also has facilities such as a playroom located in the kindergarten or nursery area. This space is used by teachers when conducting physical activities with students. The space is equipped with all play equipment that allows students to perform appropriate activities, to enhance the gross psychomotor development of students.



Based on the philosophy of education that has been explained, Naluri Bestari also provides facilities and guidance to children towards excellence and quality. Here are the goals of the Naluri Bestari : 

1.Provide a solid and perfect educationfull of good moral and ethical values ​​to form a strong foundation of mind.


2.Provide more effective ways and methods to infants and children for all aspects of development.


3. Enrich and enhance children's knowledge through group collaboration with each other and interact with children's growth.


4.Provide balanced development in accordance with the growth of children.


5. Encourage children to self-skills (Self-management)


6. Stimulate and shape children towards cooperation and self-discipline on a healthy lifestyle, build positive self-confidence to come up with ideas with their own style.


7. To provide skilled and experienced educators to strengthen the child development curriculum for the formation of children in terms of mental and physical.





1. Have quality kindergarten management for teaching and learning to produce students who have good character, excellence in knowledge, caring and personality.


2. Shaping the personality of students to become perfect human beings to achieve success and well-being for themselves, family, society, country and religion.


3. Provide an encouraging environment where children feel safe to be themselves and safe to explore, where they are able to play freely and know that their ideas and freedoms are supported.


4. Provide stimulating learning experiences for all children and individual programs that focus on children’s interests, strengths and learning needs.


5. To equip children with the knowledge and skills they need for school and life.

The Naluri Bestari focuses on equipping your children with the knowledge of life and morals by instilling a positive aura in the children.


“Melahirkan generasi berilmu dan beradab”


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