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Our School

Naluri Bestari was established in 2005 and began to establish a foothold in Kota Damansara. In 2009, Naluri Bestari opened its branch in Pangsapuri Damai, Subang Bestari. Now, Naluri Bestari has grown and has 10 kindergarten branches, 9 childcare branches and 3 transit center branches.

Naluri Bestari's line of teachers are experienced and some of them have graduated with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from a recognized IPTA. These teachers are also given training from time to time through programs organized by the Malaysian Ministry of Education every year and also training organized by Naluri Bestari itself.


Our Vision

To nurture young Muslims leaders of tomorrow to be creative, productive, articulate, and expressive in English,  while learning to balance the needs of the world and the hereafter.​

Curriculum Mission

Our mission is to make a children to become a young leader muslim and give wonderful and effective learning experiences using best thematic programmes that we provide. 

The young generations will be enlightened with the light of islam at the early stage of their lives, having the correct understanding and positive attitude towards islam and knowledge

Bussiness Mission

To provide aspiring entrepreneurs with a credible investment and business opportunity in Islamic-English-Creative pre-school education service provision.

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